Hambo 2

The adorable pig cop is back in Hambo 2. After rescuing his best friend Bacon on the first sequel, their mission is to fight the bad guys and win over the swine lord of Liberty City, Pig Capone. There are 36 levels to complete in this game that will test your strategies on how you can kill the enemies using various weapons with different numbers of shots. Hambo 2 can be played for free on different gaming websites on the Internet. As long as you have stable connection and the right version of flash player needed, you will have fun playing this game without a problem.

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How to Play the Game

Your goal is to complete all 36 levels by killing all the enemies. But this will not be easy as there will be different kinds of obstacles making it challenging to shoot your target. You need to estimate on the right angle and the right force to hit your target. There are different weapons that you can use, which you can select at the lower right corner of the game window. However, not all of them will be available for use.

Only those that are enabled on a specific level can be used. Click on the weapon that you want to use. They only have limited shots so use them wisely. Some of the weapons are grenade, knife and different kinds of guns. Aim with the mouse, click and hold to charge your shot and release to fire. Be careful not to shoot your friend Bacon. Also, avoid being hit by your own firearms as you will be killed. After finishing the game, you can try Ricochet kills, which is pretty similar.


Levels and Gold Standard


Only the first 3 levels are unlocked at the beginning of the game. Completing these stages will unlock succeeding levels. You can select and play any of the unlocked levels. The completed level will have a check mark on the window that has the list of stages.

There is a gold standard to achieve on each level. You will get this if you were able to kill the enemies with the set number of shots on a specific level or lower. If you got the gold standard for a certain level, instead of a check mark, a gold badge will show next to that level. If you were able to complete the other stages but you were not able to get the gold standard, you can always play any of the levels again and aim for it. There is background music that plays on all the levels making the game more exciting. There is no time limit to complete each stage so you can think on your strategy on how to get your goal.

If you run out of ammo, the game will end but you can always try playing that stage again. The levels that you have unlocked will remain unlocked so you do not have to start at the beginning. It may be difficult at first to determine the right trajectory to hit on the target but you will get used to it as you play the game and complete the stages.

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