Hambo 3

Hambo lovers cannot wait for the third sequel of the fun and addicting game. However, Hambo 3 is not yet available at the moment. Enthusiasts of this porky game will be very happy to play once the third release is out. It will be another great adventure for friends Hambo and Bacon, as they try to defeat the enemies. Hambo fanatics and those who would like to try Hambo adventures can play the first and second sequel while waiting for Hambo 3. Hambo 1 and 2 are great games that will keep you busy especially if you find yourself feeling bored. These games are available for free and without the need for download. Stable Internet connection is needed, as well as the required plug in and you will be in for a piggy great time.

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Basic Game Play of Hambo 1 and Hambo 2

The goal is the same with both games. Your aim is to kill all your enemies on each stage. You will have different kinds of weapons on each level. Not all weapons are available on all stages. Only those that are enabled or have numbers next to them can be used for that specific level. For instance, if the gun has a number 5 next to it, this means that you can use it five times on that particular stage. Some levels have only one weapon available for use while others have more weapons to fire. Click and hold the left button of the mouse to charge your shot. Position the arrow to the right direction aiming to hit the enemy. You may shoot on the enemies directly or hit some items that will fall on them and hit them. Try to defeat all of them in as few shots as you can.


Hambo 1 Game Story


Best pork friends Hambo and Bacon just had their tour in Vietnam. Suddenly, a cop tried to capture them because he did not like their kind. Hambo was able to escape but sadly, his friend Bacon was captured. He will never go home until he saves his friend from the enemies. Follow Hambo as he tries to rescue his buddy by defeating all the opponents that come his way. There are 36 levels to complete in this first installment of Hambo. You have 6 different weapons to use including an armalite, gun, C4 that you can detonate, grenade, knife and bow and arrow. The first three stages are unlocked while the other stages will be unlocked as you complete the first levels. You can get a gold medal if you were able to complete the game using only the specified number of shots or even lower. For instance, if the level specified that you will get a medal for defeating all enemies using 1 shot and you were able to complete the level with one shot then you earn a medal. You can always repeat any of the levels even when you have completed them.


Hambo 2 Game Story


After rescuing Bacon from the enemies, the two best friends are back. This time they will try to save Liberty City from the swine lord, Pig Capone. Like the first sequel, it also contains 36 levels with the first 3 stages automatically unlocked. The game play is the same. Defeat all the enemies to unlock other stages. Instead of earning gold medals on this sequel, you can aim gold badges. There are more weapons available but still, only the ones enabled on a specific stage can be used.

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