Hambo Game

If you have not played the Hambo game before, you are missing a lot. This is a game that you can play over and over again without getting bored. You will feel the need to complete each stage. You will not stop until you clear a specific level. Hambo game is great if you are looking for something to do on a monotonous day. This is a great way to spend fun time without leaving the comforts of your home. All you need is good Internet connection and the required plug-in and you will be alright. This will test how well you aim and strategize.

Game Story of Hambo


This game is about the friendship of pork buddies, Hambo and Bacon. After the two friends had their trip in Vietnam, a cop suddenly terrorized them. The two huggable pigs ran for their lives but Bacon was caught. As a good friend, Hambo did not waste any time to save his pig pal. You will play the role of Hambo and save Bacon from the opponents.


How to Play the Game


There are several game websites that offer this for free. Search around and you will get a long list of those sites in which you can play the game. When you start playing the game, a short introduction of the story will be shown. This will show how Bacon was captured and how Hambo vowed to save him. Complete all 36 levels in this addicting game and save Bacon. The goal for each level is to defeat all enemies using the weapons provided. There are six weapons on this game. However, not all of them are available on all levels. Only those that have numbers next to them can be used. The number next to the weapons determines how many shots you can make. For every shot, the number on the weapon used will decrease. If several weapons are available for use, you can click on the icon of the weapon that you want to use. It is up to you on what sequence you would like to use them. It will all depend on your strategy. Hold the mouse and project to where you would like to shoot the weapon. You can either directly aim on the enemy or aim on something so when it is hit, it will fall on the enemy and die. Once you are ready to shoot, release the mouse and the weapon will fire.


Levels and Gold Medal


To make it more challenging, you can earn gold medal on each level. There is minimum number of shots set on each level that will make you earn one. This varies from one stage to another. You will be able to determine the goal for earning gold medal by reading on the bottom part of the game window. It will tell you how many shots you need to make to get it. For example, if it says you will get the gold medal for completing the stage in 2 shots and you defeated all the enemies in one or two shots, then you do not just complete the level but you will earn a gold medal for it. You can always go back to any of the unlocked levels and replay them if you want.


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