Hambo Games

Online games can be fun to play. They are great way to keep yourself occupied, especially if you are looking for ways to kill time. Hambo games are some of the best web games that you can try playing. They are available on the Internet without a cost. You do not have to worry as download and installation is not needed. You can play Hambo games instantly and have fun for hours. You can keep on repeating them as long as you want. They may not be easy to complete but this is one of the things that make them addicting. You will find yourself wanting to solve each level and move on to the next.

How to Play the Game

Hambo has two sequels that you can play. The two games follow the adventure of two pig friends named Hambo and Bacon. You will play the role of Hambo. Though the storyline of the two games are different, the goal and game play are the same. Both have 36 levels to complete in which the first three stages are instantly unlocked. The remaining levels will be unlocked as you clear the lower levels. It is up to you which level to play first. As long as the level is unlocked, you can play them in the order that you want. For instance, if you want to play level 3 first instead of playing level 1, you can do so. There are different weapons that you can use in the levels. Not all of them will be available on each stage. You can only use specific weapons on each level. Those will be the weapons that have number next to their icons. The number next to the weapons represent the number of ammo or the number of shots you can make using a specific weapon. If there are several weapons available for you to use, click on the icon of the weapon that you want to use before shooting. You can switch between the weapons if you want. Hold the mouse and aim your shot. Let go once you are ready and hope that it hits the enemy.

Play the First Sequel of Hambo

Hambo 1 is the first sequel of this exciting game. In this installment, Bacon was captivated by an opponent and Hambo will fight to save his friend. Six weapons are available for this game. Aside from completing each level, you also have the chance to get a gold medal. This can be achieved by finishing a stage with the minimum shots required. You can find this at the bottom part of the game screen. For example, if a specific stage says that you need to clear it in one shot, then defeating all enemies using one shot will earn you a gold medal. If you were able to defeat the enemies using two shots, you will be able to complete the level but you will not get a gold medal. The good news is that you can always try again. You can revisit all levels if you want to aim for the medal.

Play Hambo

Play the Second Sequel of Hambo

Hambo 2 is as fun as the first one. In this installment, Hambo and Bacon will try to defeat the swine lord of Liberty City, Pig Capone. Several enemies will stand their way preventing them from completing each stage. There are more weapons to use on this game. Gold badges can be collected on each level. Like the gold medal, you need to finish the game with the minimum shots required.

Play Hambo 2

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