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A war veteran, Hambo had just finished his tour of duty and was on his way back home along with his trusty sidekick Bacon. Instead of receiving a warm welcome, he is betrayed by his own and the army kidnaps Bacon. Hell-bent on revenge, Hambo does everything he can to rescue his sidekick and get to the bottom of things. You can experience the action when you play Hambo, the online game. However, do not expect to go around on a shooting rampage. This is a physics-based puzzle game wherein you will have to use various weapons to take out a lot of enemies.




What makes this game so much fun to play is it gives a different spin on physics-based games. This is more for the adult crowd since you will be using arrows, guns, plastic explosives as well as grenades to kill your enemies. Every level becomes more and more challenging to complete as you will be required to use the environment to work for you in eliminating the army. You will have to use your brain in trying to figure out how to get a gold rating by using as few shots as possible in every level. A fun and exciting puzzle game that will make you feel like you are part of the action!

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